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How to put into mass production faster than competitors in the fierce competition is a difficult problem that has puzzled many medical equipment manufacturers for a long time. To solve this problem effectively requires manufacturers to be able to creatively compress the product development cycle and choose an appropriate automation process. Producing a near-perfect product requires improving the product development process in a number of ways: From selecting the right assembly method and designing reasonable workpiece and joint structure to optimizing production and operation process. With its various welding technologies, Qicheng Automation can help customers improve production from all aspects. There are several processes that can be used to weld medical plastics, each with different characteristics:
Ultrasonic welding —— ~ Fast, welding is usually done in less than a second ~ Clean, the risk of contamination is greatly reduced due to the non-use of flux ~ Eliminate the cost caused by the use of flux, low scrap rate, and can be repeated processing ~ Ultrasonic welding equipment is suitable for batch production and automated production environment
Laser plastic welding —— ~ Welding workpiece with irregular shape and semi-crystalline material (transparent product) ~ Can achieve high strength sealing effect (waterproof)
Medical Device Application:

Medical filter
Hoses, needles and catheters
Other medical products
Analysis of vessel
Optical lens application:
Mobile phone camera A digital camera Security surveillance footage Car camera

Ultrasonic welding: ~ Fast welding speed, high welding strength, good sealing ~ Replace the traditional welding bonding process, low cost, clean and pollution-free and will not damage the workpiece ~ The welding process is stable. All welding parameters can be tracked and monitored through the software system. Once the fault is found, it is easy to eliminate and maintain it Vibration friction welding: High strength, good sealing effect, suitable for large irregular workpiece welding It can weld many kinds of plastic workpiece materials, especially the soft and high melting point materials, such as nylon, which is difficult to be processed by ultrasonic welding method ~ Effectively replace the traditional welding bonding process
Automotive Applications:
Under hood parts: 1. Bearing cover on cylinder camshaft 2. Timing belt cover 3. Intake manifold 4. Air inlet pipe 5. Air pressure distribution tube 6. Air filter piggy 7. Fuel filter 8. Fuel distributor 9. Oil filter The vacuum tank 11. Cleaning fluid containers 12. The tank 13. The pump cover 14. Power steering tank 15. Air conditioning heaters 16. The canister 17. The dust cover
Internal station components: 18. The instrument desk 19. The dashboard 20. The glove box 21. The speaker 22. Central console 23. Fuse box cover 24. The duct 25. Brake light 26. Inside the door 27. Clothes tree
External components: 28. The radiator 29. The bumper 30. Bumper bracket 31. Side turn signal 32. The license plate frame 33. The tail lights 34. The turn signal
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