Dongguan Qicheng Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech, technology-based enterprise integrating technology, research and development, production and sales. Our business mainly covers ultrasonic wave and related automation applications. In 2009, the company developed the first domestic optical lens industry ultrasonic shear and named. In this way, the history that black material components of domestic lens manufacturers need workers to cut and split holes is broken. Narrow the gap with the international industry, but also greatly improve the work efficiency and product quality. After 2011, the company is committed to automotive industry door/interior parts such as ultrasonic welding, hot riveting, hot plate welding process automation, precision filters for medical devices industry/syringe/biological cap/infusion line, printer plastic gear components such as non-standard automated assembly, testing, packing and so on the design of the integrated equipment research and development At present, the company mainly manufacturing car/optical lens/three medical devices industry custom equipment. We are the ultrasonic application and non-standard automation process integrated solution experts. In the future, we will take "continuous innovation, good quality, quality service" as the business purpose, according to customers to provide products and requirements, constantly develop new products, provide comprehensive equipment matching optimization program.
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